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Our names are Brandon and Lisa and welcome to our website! The fact that you are on our website tells us that you are probably ready for a change . Maybe you've had enough of your job. Perhaps it's not paying you what you're wort h, maybe you've been laid off. Maybe you're commuting and not seeing enough of your family. Maybe your kids are spending all day in day care, or maybe you've been downsized.

97% of the people on this planet are living a life of mediocrity, having very little freedom and making other people wealthy.

Have we just described your situation? If so, keep reading…

Here's the deal. I used to hate my life . Although I was very fortunate; had a great upbringing from an affluent family, there was a point in my life where I had to get serious and start making a mark for myself and not depend on my parents. So what better way, then to follow your father's footsteps and go into the family business, commodities firm, Wall Street. My father has always told me, "The harder you work, the luckier you get". "You've got to sacrifice now for a better life later…WORK…WORK…WORK..." And I was just like..SHIT…when do I get to have fun, sit back, RELAX?

So long story short - I became a slave to Wall Street because I didn't know any other way to make big money. 10-12 long dreadful hours, making 300-500 calls daily, just to have that one guy say: "Yes, I will invest with you".

There was NO WAY I could see myself doing this job year after year , subjecting myself to all the negativity that comes with it, just to make a little over $100K. Pretty sad when you have corporate burn-out at such a young age, huh? Well, I always wondered, if everyone is following the same traditional route of, "get a good education, then a job and work hard for a living", why do the majority of Americans feel stuck in a rut?

Simply put, I was missing the days of being a kid again where I could do the things I like to do; surf, play sports, go to the beach, travel, be with family. More importantly, I wanted to spend more time with the love of my life, Lisa. I was FINALLY ready to take control of my life.

I didn't allow my beliefs to limit my thinking in order to justify a boring life, like most people live and wanted me to live. So, as skeptical as I was about this opportunity, I got "out of my box" and ignored everyone that tried to derail my success with this . I have drastically changed my life. I now do what I want, when I want. Best of all, I don't have to answer to anyone but myself. If there is anything that's more important to me in life, it's…FREEDOM. Because of this opportunity, I now make more money in a month then I ever thought possible on Wall Street. Simply put, I'm living a life at 26 that most people would dream to have at 50.

Take for example…

make money now

earn extra money

work at home

You know, I used to feel like I was FLOATING in life, going from one job to the next, trying to find something that clicked. I owned a business before - it went horribly wrong. I owed about $30,000 per month and I slowly started going into debt. I was totally stressed - the worst time of my life.

After that happened, I decided to get into real estate , got my license, started up with Coldwell Banker and things began turning around. I was actually one of the "lucky ones" in real estate because I kept consistently busy.


My income and business DEFINITELY took a turn for the worse. At the same time, I was making a move to San Diego to be with Brandon. This time in my life, moving to San Diego and heading to a new city, should have been so exciting and full of possibility, but all I felt at the time was FEAR. Complete FEAR.

Typically, I'm not a fearful person...I'm pretty positive, but with the state of the economy and the rapid downturn in the real estate and mortgage industries, for the first time, I seriously started to question my line of work and where I was going in my life.

The negative thoughts kept coming...

SHOULD I continue with real estate in San Diego?
HOW do I find clients in a new city, not knowing a soul, with the market     declining?
WHO would be hiring when companies are downsizing and going out of     business?

I was FORCED, and I mean FORCED to make a change . And you know what? I fell into something that DRAMATICALLY increased my income, free-time and passion for life. My real estate career took at least 7 days a week, 8-10 hours a day. I didn't have much interest in hobbies or enjoying activities that I love because at the end of the day, I was exhausted and just wanted to check out!

Now, my life is completely different.
It's full of joy, passion and opportunity. I love getting up in the morning and getting started with my day. I hate to admit it, but I always thought that money was so important. Now, with a monthly income beyond what I ever experienced in real estate, I see that it is the FREEDOM and EXPERIENCES that the money brings, that truly enrich my life. On a typical day, maybe I'll get a massage, take a yoga class, or hang out at the beach and watch Brandon surf. My life is now on my terms.

eliminate debt

Most people don't realize that the next level of wealth is coming off the internet. This is the major trend and the reality in today's marketplace.
If you don't find something now that will make you wealthy, chances are you never will.

We can teach you how to work less, earn more and have more time for the things that matter most to you with a simple 3-Step business format that virtually anyone with the drive and desire to own their own business can duplicate.

The products we market are exclusive and cutting edge. With their unprecedented content and stand-alone value, they essentially sell themselves making success so much more attainable to someone just getting started.

We choose to work with people who are serious and motivated to achieve results like ours. If we're going to spend the time to teach you our business, we want to make sure you have the motivation to put that knowledge into action.

The reason we're selective is because you will never directly pay us for our time. What's in it for us? Simple. If you follow our advice and direction, you will start generating customers and your first two customers will pay us. After that, you keep all the profit. So you see, we also have a financial interest in your success. A win-win situation.

If you notice, we're not jumping up and down telling you how much you can make or how much we've made. We're not full of BS, hype, and ridiculous promises.

Nothing is easy in life. For those select few who are willing to commit and follow the system- this business is truly rewarding. Do you have a burning desire to take control of your life and create your ultimate future? We only work with serious individuals. Evaluate yourself, your life, and what you truly want out of it. We can tell you whatever you want, but you have to believe this is possible.

If you're looking for a lottery ticket, PLEASE do us both a favor and answer someone else's ad.

Too good to be true...?
With all due respect, if you believe this is too good to be true, go back to whatever you're doing and put your money into a savings account. You will be joining 200 MILLION other broke people who choose to slave their lives away making entrepreneurs like us even MORE money (just like we used to do). The problem is not that it could be "too good to be true"; the problem is that the people who think that way are just using that as an excuse; because subconsciously they don't feel they deserve something this great. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do for people like this.

Our role is to coach and guide you through this process and show you the tools and techniques that have helped in our success. We will not convince you of anything - you are the only one who can determine if this opportunity is right for you. Respond if you see yourself as one of those individuals.

1. This business is NOT for everyone. It is for people who are sick and tired of settling. People who have what it takes to be self employed, self-reliant, focused and coachable. YES, THIS IS A SIMPLE BUSINESS, but it is NOT a lottery ticket . Like any business, you will be responsible for the results that you achieve.

2. We will not be trying to convince you of anything. We don't need to. We are looking for motivated people like us who are serious about making money.

3. Once we know that you're serious, we will be happy to share our system with you.

Is 10 minutes of your time worth it, to possibly change your future?

Due to the proprietary nature of this business, we do not reveal details to individuals who have not been pre-qualified to work with us.

To request a confidential interview with Lisa, call
(800) 684-9482, or fill out the form below.

Serious Inquiries only, please.

***We respect your privacy. Your information is safe and will never be sold to third parties. Period.

Contact Me Today
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* E-mail:
* Current Occupation"
* Serious Income Goal:
* Reason For Responding:

**We will personally contact you within 24-48 hours. If you qualify for a business presentation, one will be scheduled at the time of the interview.

"95% of people FAIL when they start a business

"95% of people are SUCCESSFUL when they start a business

--Entrepreneur Magazine

How do I know if I am qualified to do this business?
ONLY the ones that want to realistically change their financial status immediately should call. For the others, there are so many other things you can do here on the Internet to make extra pocket cash on the side. I am looking for ONLY the person that has the desire to make money. If you do not have the desire then this IS NOT for you.

Is this MLM?
No it is not , MLM is such a great concept but they have no real structure and it is always much harder and takes a lot longer then they say it is. If you need instant gratification, versus building something that could be in 1-3 years, this would be a better fit.

Will I have to sell people on this business?
No . There is no cold calling or recruiting of friends and family. We have a simple step by step system that requires virtually no explaining. As long as you follow it, the system does the majority of the work for you.

Are there any other costs in running this business?
Yes, anyone who tells you that it doesn't take money to build a business is lying to you. This is a business that generates a substantial income. Most businesses show only a small percentage as profit and the rest is business expenses. The difference here is we have no overhead (no need to pay rent, hire employees, franchise fees, substantial initial start up capital, etc.) Because of the immediate high cash flow in this business, that will pay for all of your expenses and still leave you with a huge net profit left over.

On a scale of 1 to 10, what is the difficulty level of running this business?
With 10 being the most difficult and 1 being the simplest, out of all the businesses I have ever run or owned, I would say for most everyone, it will be a 1 . The business is simple because there is a system in place that you can follow in order to achieve success. However, that does not mean that it is a free ride - everything in life that is worthwhile takes a serious effort.

Is training and support provided?
Absolutely . Your success will be achieved with personal mentoring by Brandon and Lisa, and other entrepreneurs who have already achieved financial success.

How much time does this business require?
Leverage your time, choose your own hours, and take holidays whenever you wish. Work from home in your boxer-shorts, from the beach in Cancun, or while you're taking a 3-month vacation in Hawaii. All you need is a cell phone and laptop. I recommend that you have 4-5 hours a day available to make the income we have been experiencing, although this business can also be worked part-time.

How difficult is this business?
The marketing system does most of the grunt-work for you! There is NO personal explaining involved . We have ELIMINATED most of the things that people struggle with in their own business.

No cold calling.
No personal explaining.
No "recruiting" friends and family.
No stocking or shipping of products.

What is a realistic first year income?
Realistic? We don't believe in realistic. Realistic people DO NOT become millionaires. I would much rather achieve UNREALISTIC results. Your first year potential is massive given you do EXACTLY what we say and follow the system. Why would you want to get started in a business if you couldn't make a ton of money right out of the gate?

How do I know if this is "too good to be true?"
In my opinion "too good to be true" would be if I was to tell you that everyone you talked to would be stuffing money through their phones! This is a real, legitimate, Internet marketing system. The system works perfectly as long as you follow it. Trust us, there is work involved. What really matters the most is YOUR level of desire.

All of this WITHOUT:
Franchise fees of $100,000 to $500,000 that don't even come with a      guaranteed income.
Waiting four years until your business clears a profit.
Overhead, hassle of hiring staff or an expensive office.
Working 60-80 hours a week or being a slave to your business

1. We only work with the most highly motivated and positive people. You need to have huge dreams and huge income goals.

2. You have to have the hunger to generate substantial income in the next 6-9 months.

3. You will have to earn the money. There is a system to follow and work to do. This isn't a "free lunch" internet opportunity .

To request a confidential interview with Lisa, call
(800) 684-9482, or fill out the form below.

Serious Inquiries only, please.

***We respect your privacy. Your information is safe and will never be sold to third parties. Period.

Contact Me Today
* Name:
* Phone:
* Time Zone:
* E-mail:
* Current Occupation"
* Serious Income Goal:
* Reason For Responding:

**We will personally contact you within 24-48 hours. If you qualify for a business presentation, one will be scheduled at the time of the interview.

This site references testimonials which may not be representative of the experience of others. The testimonials are not paid and are not indicative of future performance or success.

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Real People
Real Stories

Michael Hamburger

With this exact business, both of us were able to FIRE OUR BOSSES in under 30 days & that was over 4 years ago! We've never looked back! We have dramatically changed our lifestyle using this business model. When we found this business, we lived in a small 2 bedroom apartment in Atlanta, GA & within 6 months we found ourselves living in a home on the beach in Santa Monica, CA. We enjoy the freedom & control our business provides. We now live in an amazing home in Scottsdale, AZ. We have traveled all over the planet: Fiji Islands; Athens, Greece; Sun City, South Africa; Whistler, British Columbia; Oahu, Hawaii, Cancun, Mexico; Puerto Rico; Kona, Hawaii. Our next adventure is to Sydney, Australia in June 2007. This will be extra special as it will be our new born daughters first Business trip.

home employment
Jack F .

successful home business idea
Robin F.

Jack &
Robin F.
That's me Robin, getting ready for a private
helicopter tour of the Big Island of Hawaii

Prior to working from home, I was an Executive Television Producer in New York. I worked ridiculous long hours, and held a very stressful, high power position & made a six figure income. I woke up one day and realized my life was no different from the movie "Groundhog Day." Same thing, every single day, over and over and over again! I had enough!

I got started with this incredible home business opportunity 3 years ago, because I deserved a different Lifestyle. I finally have control of my life and my future.

I currently live in a $1.5 million dollar home in New York. Our son is a senior in college at a prestigious Ivy League University. We are in the process of building a 5000+ custom square foot home in the Low Country of the beautiful Carolinas! In addition, we have several real estate investments, and enjoy traveling the world. Giving back to our community, and demonstrating philanthropy, is equally important to us. Assisting others in realizing that we simply made a different choice. All I did was make the decision to get started here and take full personal responsibility of MY Future!

Matt & Nicole Mauriello

successful home business idea
Tony & Jessica R

unique home based business opportunity
Gene & Heather B.

Adam & Tara

Tara and I were just average college students. Along with school, I was working full time as a loan officer in the day and she was working as a waitress at night. We never saw each other. Also, we were not looking forward to graduating and earning $30,000 per year in Corporate America because everyone I knew that was in the work force was over worked, under paid, and just very unhappy. Why would I want a life like that? We chose to take a stand for ourselves and live the life of abundance and success that we deserved. I have to say that this opportunity has totally transformed my personal, spiritual, and physical life into something I always dreamed about and knew I could have. Tara and I now work from home together, have turned our annual income into a monthly income, and enjoy assisting others in accomplishing the same.

unique home based business opportunity
Eric T


I would like to share a little about myself and what this opportunity has done for me. I am very grateful that a close personal friend of mine introduced me to this amazing income opportunity in June of 2006.

I came from the military and a corporate sales background.
I was living a decent lifestyle; however I had no control or time freedom.
I was tired of corporate politics and was definitely ready to regain control of my life.

Since going into business for myself with this opportunity I have been able to come home from the corporate world. I now work for myself and create a life by my own design. Since getting started I have been able to buy a new car, travel to Hawaii, Cancun and am now in the process of moving back to southern California. I now work my business around my life instead of my life around my business, and that is what I consider true Liberty.

home travel business
Robby M

travel business opportunity
Christine W.

corporate culture

Darrell G.

corporate strategy
Frank & Nancy

Beau R.

We started about 7 months ago over 60k in credit card debt, and because of this simple business model and our strong desire for change and our efforts we now average per month what we use to make in a year. We have been able to knock out our debts and are now actually starting to realize and live the life of our dreams! Jessica retired from her teaching career at the young age of 30. We are now able to live our life without financial stress.


This is NOT multi-level marketing (MLM)      or a pyramid. (No lotions or potions.)

We do not bother family and friends to       buy anything or recruit them.

We do not hold one on one presentations       or home parties.

We do not stock or ship products.

We do not do personal telling,  convincing       or persuading.

We do not hold hotel meetings.

We do not strike up conversations with       strangers.

We do not cold call - EVER.

**Experience level WILL NOT impact your potential to earn very big money - when we started, it was the training that helped us make it.

Potentially replace your current income      within 90-120 days.

Double your current income within 6      months.

Turn your current annual income into a      monthly income within a year.

Put your money to work for you and      RETIRE within 4 to 5 years.

Be part of a community of successful      like-minded people.

Do what you want, where you want,      whenever you want.

Fill out the form below
or contact us directly:

***We respect your privacy. Your information is safe and will never be sold to
third parties. Period.

Learn How To Manifest The Life You Deserve And Achieve Financial IndependenceJust fill out your contact info below to get access to the insider secrets that the richest 1% of business owners won't tell you...

create wealth

Financial independence?
More time with family and friends?
Travel the world?
Retire sooner?

Our business is

Cancun ... Maui, Hawaii... Las Vegas... Seattle... Paris... Sun City, South Africa... Oahu, Hawaii... Copenhagen, Denmark... Anahein, CA... Orlando, FL... Sedona, AZ... Los Angeles, CA... San Diego, CA... Odense, Denmark... Grand Canyon, AZ...

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Change your Life and your Lifestyle

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Time waits for no one person. You can
choose to ACT NOW or get left behind...

easy debt solutions
Doesn't YOUR family deserve the best?

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Eliminate the Stress...
Take control of your life and your time!

Do you have a strong motivation to turn your annual income into your monthly income?

Are you a self-starter?

Are you frustrated with your current financial situation and ready to do something about it?

Are you sick and tired of working for someone else?

Are you coachable and willing to follow a proven system?

What's the difference between
211 degrees and 212 degrees?

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