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Is Your Corporate Job Using You Up?

Corporate Burnout

corporate strategy Do you dread getting up to face another day at work? You're not alone. In fact, you may well be in the majority. Corporate burnout is becoming so widespread throughout the US and other countries that people travel the country giving seminars on how to handle job burnout and make workers feel less stressed. Of course, you've probably heard the drill-"Learn to work smarter, not harder"... "Be a team player"... "It came down from the higher-ups"... "In the end this will help us reach our goals and we'll get fat bonuses."

Of course, the goals set for many corporate employees are so unrealistic that the bonuses they hold out for never materialize. Perhaps you hit 8 out of 9 targets, but sorry, you don't get the prize because you didn't hit that last, totally impossible ninth one. Sometimes it feels like you're working in some sort of absurd carnival sideshow. It's no wonder you don't feel very committed to a corporation that treats you like a slave. How can you feel loyal when there's so little appreciation?

The unrelenting stress of a high-pressure job can lead to numerous health problems as well- hypertension, heart attacks, backaches, anxiety, headaches, depression, and even addiction to drugs or alcohol, either as a way to try to stay energized and "up" to complete excessive workloads, or as a self-medicating attempt to relax when you finally have some time for yourself.

To add to the stress, stories of layoffs by major corporations are announced every month.
In 2006, 1,500,000 workers were pink-slipped in mass layoffs ("mass" meaning more than 50 employees at a time). Rumors circulate constantly about what the top management is doing now, what changes are in the wind. Companies are "reorganizing." They're "outsourcing" or selling out to another company. Or they've gone bankrupt-only to reappear overseas, employing workers for a tiny percentage of their American counterparts' salaries.

corporate culture Fat Cats and Sad Sacks
Average, everyday workers like you are the ones who bear the brunt of these kinds of changes. CEO's and other top executives just keep rolling in the dough-even those at companies you wouldn't think of as "blue chip." For example, in 2005, the annual pay package of Dollar General's CEO, David Perdue, was $3,314,901 (as reported by The Corporate Library). An American worker earning an average salary would have to work until the year 2135 to make wha t Perdue makes in one year. But frankly, this guy is small-time. The average total compensation for a CEO of a Standard & Poor's 500 company in 2005 was $13.51 million -over four times what Perdue made, and a 16% raise over the year before. Did you get a 16% raise recently?

Like many of your co-workers, you probably feel angry, undervalued, underpaid, and exhausted when you think about stories like these. Few salaried employees in corporate America work a traditional 40-hour week. Many put in 50, 60, even 70 hours to meet the demands of their superiors. Hourly workers are cut off at 40 hours or less so the company can avoid paying overtime-and you know who takes up the slack. (Meanwhile, those hourly workers may have to work an additional job-at straight-time pay, of course.)

The "blame culture" that has developed in our society extends into the corporate world as well. ("It's her fault we have to work so late. If only she'd do her job like I do!") Feelings of competition and worries about favoritism increase feelings of anger and powerlessness.

What's the Alternative?
There is a way NOT to let all these other people control your life and hold power over your economic survival and lifestyle. You can take control of your own life by becoming your own boss. Ironically, as you've become more and more disenchanted with your corporate job, you have also been learning what kind of job you need to be happy.

Are these some of the aspects you would include on your list of ideal job conditions?

The freedom to set your own hours.
Choosing how to handle situations yourself instead of deferring to a "company policy" that you      find ridiculous.
The liberty to spend time with your friends and family without having to beg for time off.
Working in comfortable clothing in a location you choose.
Excellent pay that is determined by the amount of work you put in.
You're steering your own course-no worries about someone else determining your future.

corporate strategy Have You Got What it Takes?
You already know you deserve more than your corporate employer will ever provide. Ironically, during all those excessive hours of work for them , you've honed valuable business skills that you can put to work as you build your own business. The difference is, you will reap the rewards. It's kind of like being your very own CEO.

As long as you have a genuine desire to empower yourself, to live the kind of life you've always dreamed of, we can show you our easy system that will start you on the road to success. This is a legitimate business opportunity that has the potential to bring you more wealth and independence than you've ever dreamed of. As long as you've got a computer and a phone, the only other things you are going to need are a longing for personal freedom and a desire for financial security. You've already got what it takes-so fill out the web form below for more information. It's absolutely free...and it could be the first step toward and it could be the first step toward stomping out that corporate burnout fire forever.


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